Shoppers Drug Mart | Holiday Campaign

Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Gift Giver Logo


The Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Microsite serves as a seasonal website that gives consumers the ability to browse through the various gift options that the website has to offer. Tasked with creating a fun look for the holiday micro-site, the goal was to utilize the brand colours to convey the whimsical, warm feeling of the holiday season for consumers to enjoy while browsing the site. ┬áThe page opens with all of the gifts wrapped in their boxes and become unwrapped as the user clicks the various filters at the top or the “unwrap all” button. Giving the site an extra bit of interactivity (and who doesn’t like opening presents, right?)

Shoppers Drug Mart Website Computer Display
Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Website
Shoppers Drug mart site with pop up window


As an added bonus Shoppers Drug Mart was also looking to design a seasonal game to go with the release of the micro-site that would allow consumers to earn extra optimum points after each purchase. The concept for the game was simple. The goal of the player was to pelt the adorable innocent snowmen I designed with snowballs. The more snowmen they were able to hit resulted in more optimum points being awarded to the player. I kept the snowmen cute and classic with sweet unknowing smiles, making them all the more satisfying for the player to knock over.

Shoppers Drug Mart Snowball Challenge Logo
Shoppers Drug Mart Snowmen
Shoppers Drug Mart Snowball game on phone