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Every Year Sector 9 organizes a huge Toronto event where thousands of skateboarders in and around the city come together and ride down Younge st. in an all out take over! For the last four years I’ve designed their posters and with every passing year they keep getting better and better. The Sec 9 mantra “we make fun” is always at the forefront of each design and serves as a creative gauge used throughout the design process. Always incorporating a pop of the signature Sector 9 yellow each poster is designed to stand out amongst a crowded wall full of posted bills in the city. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger. If you’re interested in learning more about the Boardmeeting click here

Sector 9 2016 Poster Design
Sector 9 2015 Poster Design
Sector 9 2014 Poster Design
Sector 9 2013 Poster Design