Boatsmart | Water Safety Poster

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I grew up around Peterborough Ontario in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes, home of the Lift Locks, which means that ever summer there is always a slew of boats that travel through the city. With the influx of boats to the city there is inevitably going to be boating accidents. For this project the Boatsmart campaign goal was to promote safety awareness and educate the public. The ask was to produce a poster that showcased common water smart tips that every boater should know.

Water safety poster design

Graematter Christmas Card 2014

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Long before Christmas rolls around every year I like to throw myself into the holiday spirit by designing a yearly Christmas card. 2014 was the first year I started sending out my own cards so I am super nostalgic about this one. The Yeti is making the same face that I tend to when my wife makes me hang up the Christmas lights at our house. He’s cute but annoyed with messaging inside that reads “Here’s to unwinding this holiday season” Look for them in the store this holiday season.

Graematter 2016 Christmas Cards

GMDC Xmas Logo


The Graematter 2016 Christmas card was everything that I wanted my holiday card to be…super fun!¬†I’ve tried to provide some insight into how I imagine Santa secretly rolls in the North Pole after delivering presents to all of the little boys and girls around the world. Yes, thats right.. I imagine him puffing a stogie sitting in the hot tub unwinding with some massive gangsta bling hanging off his neck…thats not too weird I hope. If you love this card as much as I do they are available in our store around the holidays.