Zovirax Creme Packaging


Tasked with embarking on a creative refresh for the existing Zovirax assets to create the following pieces: updated tube graphics, single page ads and medical journal ads, updating packaging, unique direct mailer and a cute cold sore character aimed at consumers to stimulate conversations with HCPs about topical treatments for cold sores.

Zovirax Monster
Zovirax Web Imac
Zovirax Print
Zovirax Packaging
Zovirax Print Ad

Peterborough Welding Services

Peterborough Welding Services logo


Peterborough Welding Services came looking to me to create an icon that let the viewer know two things, what they do and where they’re from even if they didn’t use the company name.  To create this logo I brought together just those elements. Anyone from Peterborough knows the iconic Liftlocks and can easily recognize them so I chose to use them as my backdrop for the welding mask and sparks which instantly let the viewer know what kind of company the logo is representing. It’s simple and sharp with clean lines and bold colours but also lends itself nicely in a black and white version for stationery, stamps, and buisness cards etc. If you’d like to see the logo in action or simply find out more about what they do at Peterborough Welding Services, Please click here.

Peterborough Welding Services Logo Sketch
Peterborough Welding Services Logo outline
Peterborough Welding Services Logo color
Peterborough Welding Services Logo finished




Tasked with creating an engaging icon to represent the city of Peterborough’s many facets. I set off to create a unique saying that would help locals and visitors identify with their own passions and interests relating to the downtown core. Be it Fine Art, Live Music or Enjoying a meal with Friends, Peterborough Downtown is thriving with many shops and attractions. After coining the Phrase “Make It Your Own Downtown” I paired that with the symbolic and artistic brush strokes, an iconic representation of creativity, influence and inspiration. The logo can be seen in action on the DBIA website which you can view by clicking here

DBIA Website Imac
DBIA Website
DBIA Device Mockups




Poster creation for Community Counselling Resource Centre of Peterborough’s Awareness campaign. Focusing on the pressures of social issues, the goal was to promote the services that the organization offers and bring more people from the community together. The design task was to create a series of posters that conveyed a message of how monstrous these problems can be for many individuals. I created the campaign imagery with simple chaos in mind. Using only one-word my goal was to portray the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and un-control that come from everyday life stressors.  To learn more about the CCRC and the services that they offer click here

CCRC Family Poster Design
CCRC Home Poster Design
CCRC Life Poster Design

Sector 9

Sector 9 Header


Every Year Sector 9 organizes a huge Toronto event where thousands of skateboarders in and around the city come together and ride down Younge st. in an all out take over! For the last four years I’ve designed their posters and with every passing year they keep getting better and better. The Sec 9 mantra “we make fun” is always at the forefront of each design and serves as a creative gauge used throughout the design process. Always incorporating a pop of the signature Sector 9 yellow each poster is designed to stand out amongst a crowded wall full of posted bills in the city. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger. If you’re interested in learning more about the Boardmeeting click here

Sector 9 2016 Poster Design
Sector 9 2015 Poster Design
Sector 9 2014 Poster Design
Sector 9 2013 Poster Design